Dates and times

Residents are able to launch or remove their boats at the beach of Auberge P'Tit Bonheur. This is organized and supervised by the Association.

Dates and Times will be posted prior to each season once arrangements are made between the Association and the Auberge P'Tit Bonheur.

The dates for removal of boats from the lake in fall 2023 are:

30 Sept. AM
30 Sept. PM
7 Oct. AM
7 Oct. PM
8 Oct. AM
8 Oct. PM
14 Oct. AM
14 Oct. PM

You must make a reservation online, AND you must be a paid-up member.

For details on how to use the online reservation system GoRendezVous, click here.

General Instructions

Go to  and Follow the steps. Don’t forget to input your membership number, otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

NOTE that the dates and times offered are the only ones available. No other beach schedule is available. Use of the Auberge’s beach will NOT be possible at other times, in order to respect the activities of the hostel and the safety of children on site. The Association does not have access to other locations on the lake for any boat launch or removal.

You must be a member of the Association to take advantage of this service. If you are not a member, you can join by paying the membership fee when you launch or remove your boat.

You or your representative must be present to launch or remove your boat. Your boat cannot be left to be launched or picked up later. For safety/security reasons, it is best that you are always at least 2 people present to remove or launch your boat.

If you have any questions, send us an email at Thank You.