Boating Rules

The following is an UNOFFICIAL translation of the rules in place for Lac aux Quenouilles. See the French section of this web site for the original formal regulations.

Geographical coordinates: 46010′ 74023′
In force since June 8, 1993
Municipalities: Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Val des Lacs and Lac-Supérieur
Lac aux Quenouilles is one of the bodies of water in which vessels with
mechanical or electric propulsion are subject to maximum speeds.
Source: Vessel Operation Restriction Regulation 2008-120

Location on the lake

Maximum Speed (relative to ground)

1. Outside the zone indicated in article 118, i.e. more than 60 meters from the shore of Lac aux Quenouilles (article 117)

55 km/hr

2. 60 meters or less from the shoreline of Lac aux Quenouilles

5 km/hr The restriction does not apply to vessels moving perpendicularly from the shore and pulling a water skier on his way.

3. The bay of the Auberge du P’tit Bonheur in Lac aux Quenouilles (article 119)

10 km/hr (see map/plan)

Source: SCHEDULE 6, (subsection 2(5) and subparagraph 2(8)(b)(ii)) - WATERS IN WHICH MECHANICAL OR ELECTRICALLY PROPELLED VESSELS ARE SUBJECT TO A MAXIMUM SPEED, PART 3 - Quebec, sections 117 , 118 and 119

See this link: Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations (SOR/2008-120)