Click here to see recommendations from November 2019 concerning any dock that you may have in the water, in relation to water levels that may at times be higher than usual, possibly affecting fixed structures.

Archived News

As many of you know, there is a dam in Baie Charron that is crucial to ensure adequate water level in the lake. The dam MUST conform to regulations established by the provincial government. These regulations also specify the need and content for regular inspections. 

A new dam that meets all necessary requirements was built in 2019. There is no need to manually adjust the height of the dam. It does take some time for the lake to reach a steady level after there is an acute change in water levels, for example after a very heavy rain. Therefore owners of any lakeside structures should ensure that needed precautions are taken to avoid any disruptions that may occur when water levels in the lake change. See the above link.

Here is the communiqué from the town of Val des Lacs concerning the dam: COMMUNIQUÉ